Affordable quality.

Quality and affordability are not mutually exclusive. You should not have to sacrifice performance for price. Demand premium medical products without the premium cost. Join the BYNIX Revolution.

We are BYNIX

Our mission is to develop innovative and functional durable medical equipment at a quality that benefits patients and a price that benefits distributors.

Welcome to BYNIX Medical; an innovative durable medical equipment manufacturing company conceived of a perceived need for high quality, low cost alternative to large, established brands. The formula that enables us to offer products at a comparable quality for a drastically reduced cost is simple:

Focus Products

We manufacture a focused line of high quality alternatives to widely used and versatile medical equipment.

Minimize Costs

We don't spend millions on athlete endorsements and marketing. We depend on quality products and service to grow our brand.

Maximize Quantity

We utilize a low margin, high quantity business model to offer the lowest possible per unit price to our distributors.

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